Twickenham garden design and build.

Beautify your night landscape with Taylored Gardens’ Lighting

Twickenham garden design and build.

This Twickenham garden design and build with lighting wasn’t just about creating an outdoor space. Conversely it was about crafting a low-maintenance sanctuary, a refuge from the relentless pace of modern life, the ever-present “rat race.”

Through close collaboration with the homeowners, during numerous meetings ensured a design that captured their imagination and seamlessly extended their living space outwards. The centrepiece became a sunken porcelain fire pit area, bathed in warm lighting.

Additionally touch of nostalgia was woven in through the use of old stock brick, meticulously chosen to echo the internal wall of their new extension, creating a cohesive feel.

Furthermore, the pathway, crafted from elegant porcelain tiles, served as a metaphorical journey. It meandered around a lush, artificial lawn while guiding residents from the vibrant alfresco dining area to a haven of tranquility. Overhead, a pergola offered dappled shade and a view of the evening sky, a perfect spot for quiet contemplation.

Finally, this Twickenham garden design embodies the essence of modern living. Equally this space requires minimal upkeep however, still offering maximum relaxation. A seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. It’s a testament to the power of design to transform everyday spaces into havens of peace and rejuvenation

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