After getting an idea of what’s wanted from an initial telephone conversation. We’ll get you, the potential client, to send a whole load of pics reflecting your garden space via email. Allowing our versatile garden design team to start stitching together likes, styles and needs gained from the telephone conversation. Before arranging an appointment with our chief designer, Matt Taylor.

At the visit Immediately you’ll feel the vast experience and enthusiasm Matt has in achieving piecing together another stunning individual garden room which will meet and soar above your expectations.

Also at the meeting, together we’ll build TRUST. And a rapport which will be essential to allow Taylored Gardens, and yourselves to maximise what the garden space has to offer you.

All measurements will be taken, and additional pics taken to refer to when crafting the design.

Our aim is to ensure that you are fully onboard with the final proposals and plans, so you can focus on looking forward to the complete transformation of your garden space.

Expert consultant from Taylored Gardens discussing custom garden design plans with a client

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