Every discerning homeowner appreciates the aesthetic quality that gardens contribute to their home. They ProvidE A Sensory Retreat. yet their value and effect extend well beyond providing a visual centrepiece…

As a vital constituent of any residence, gardens provide a sensory retreat. It is where families, friends and guests can relax, socialise and entertain, and engage with the natural world. These captivating spaces also provide a sanctuary for wildlife, support vital eco-systems and biodiversity. Plus they contribute towards a more sustainable environment. A professionally landscaped garden promotes holistic well-being by relieving stress and anxiety, and it is vital to prevent soil erosion and maintain natural water drainage.

A stone path leading to a wooden front door framed by a beautifully designed patio garden with a medley of green foliage, created by Taylored Gardens.

Contributing to the inherent value of your home

Firstly when it comes to landscaping, your garden design requires careful consideration, precision planning. Markedly you need the expertise of someone who truly understands how these elements interact and are accommodated into your garden design.

Garden design is one of the most complex construction challenges. Therefore it is also potentially one of the most significant investments you will make in your property. In addition to achieving a unique style that harmonises with the architecture and interior of your home, and the surrounding environment, a well appointed garden contributes to the inherent value of your property too. It’s an investment both emotionally and financially, and Taylored Gardens is committed to getting this right for you.

Taylored Gardens factor in seasonal changes to ensure THAT YOUR GARDEN ACHIEVES a final design that remains visually stunning and functional all year round

Quality without compromise

When it comes to budget, achieving what you want within your financial scope is a skill that Taylored Gardens has acquired through decades of experience. We forensically plan every detail to achieve complete perfection. In addition to the expertise we bring to each assignment, we also have a genuine passion for what we do. And we treat every garden as if it were ours to live in. This instils confidence and reassures clients that we have their best interests at heart.

"Commitment towards customer satisfaction and innovative garden design by the Taylored Gardens team.

As a company that’s passionate about garden design, Taylored Gardens provides a full garden design and construction service across Surrey, Middlesex, and the surrounding areas.

Taylored Gardens: Merging natural beauty with functional design to create perfect outdoor spaces


Homeowners increasingly value their garden space because gardens provide a sensory retreat. As you invest significantly in landscape gardening services, we understand that you are entrusting one of your property’s most valuable assets to us. Therefore we want you to be 100% confident in your decision. Not all businesses have the experience, expertise or resources. While many sub-contract aspects of the design and construction, Taylored Gardens is different. We insist on quality in every detail to provide an end-to-end service. We maintain full control and responsibility for your home and garden. Importantly, we have the team and expertise to deliver your project on time and on budget.