Teddington garden design

Modern suburban retreat- Teddington

With this Teddington garden design and build. Taylored Gardens were contacted by one of our most enthusiastic clients, Abbi. We hit it off immediately as I recognised her demand for the highest standards. Significantly, this mutual understanding allowed me to design with freedom. I was unrestrained by budget. Initially I started on creating one of my favourite designs to date. Because of my 27 years of garden landscaping experience and a eye for detail, I carefully crafted Abbi’s garden to be both functional and visually stunning.

Basically, the design had an enviable pergola-covered seating area. providing a perfect spot for relaxation and social gatherings. Explicitly to enhance this area, I incorporated bespoke corten steel planters with integrated lighting, adding a touch of modern elegance and evening ambiance. Furthermore, the hardwood deck extended the living space, creating an entertainment area that connected with the garden’s natural beauty.

Additionally, a decked walkway meandered through the garden. This invites exploration and creating a journey around the entire space. This walkway led to various focal points, including a striking corten steel screening backdrop. Moreover, this feature was adorned with a slate water feature. Adding a soothing sound element and enhancing the tranquil atmosphere. The planting around this area was carefully chosen to complement the water feature, creating a blend of textures and colours.

Perfectly understanding the needs of a family garden, I also included a well-maintained lawn area for the kids to play. Especially, this green space provided an area for various activities, ensuring that the garden catered to all members of the family. Finally, overall this Teddington garden design struck a balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, making it a true masterpiece.

Markedly Abbi’s project remains one of my proudest achievements, showcasing my dedication to creating bespoke garden landscapes that exceed client expectations. Indeed, having the freedom to design without budget constraints and the opportunity to collaborate with a client who appreciates quality allowed me to produce a garden that is both beautiful and enduring.

And finally we added a fine Italian porcelain pathway to set off the timbers involved. Using www.stonegres.co.uk

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