Modern Asian-style urban retreat in Strawberry Hill

Taylored Gardens was asked to create an ‘outside room’ for a client in Strawberry Hill, Middlesex. Drawn to our design and build service and impressive portfolio of previous projects, we put together a solution for a unique design. Our client Beth and her black Labrador, Thomas, wanted to use the 20 x 8-metre space to create a special area for relaxing and entertaining that felt seamlessly connected with her inside space.

We suggested that she used the existing built-it seating area and the fencing combined with new planting and a made-to-measure pergola. Once the plans were agreed, we completed all the landscaping work, built the pergola, and completed the raised beds and planting. Beth was keen on a pergola to give the space a private and secluded feel and this was made bespoke for the space.

The features included structural evergreens for year-round greenery, cleverly concealed units within the seating area to hold cushions and other garden equipment, and monochrome flooring, which gave the space a fresh and stylish look. The darker fencing denoted the dining area.

There was a separate space for a barbecue (a gift from a neighbour), which is just a stone’s throw from the kitchen, so ideal for entertaining friends and family and running backwards and forwards for drinks and food.

The work took place in January 2020 and was completed for lockdown, and our client said she felt ‘so blessed’ to have the outdoor space to relax in during that time. To read more about the project, please see our PDF below.