Planning your garden space

I’m often ask the process we follow when speaking to a new client about their garden space. Below is a short list of how we approach every project to help achieve the end result our client’s would expect.

Initial design consultation

Our designer will come to your home to discuss your garden and your lifestyle, and how the two interact. This is a chance to consider new ideas and to look at examples of gardens we’ve already designed and constructed that may catch their imagination and help them gain an understanding of the scope of the project.

Site survey

We will come to your house to make plans, take photos and measure up. We collect all the information that we need to create your design, not just the boundaries and fences but other major factors such as the positions of windows and doors and the less obvious, but important points, like drainage covers and soil testing.

Design plan

This plan will shows all the details necessary to build your garden from lighting to the selection of paving materials and areas to be planted. All aspects of design are shown within this document and will allow you to get a full understanding of our vision for your space. The time spent on this stage is crucial as we get to explore your space and look at how you intend to use your new garden.

Planting plan

The planting makes a garden. A planting plan can be for just one bed or border or a whole garden. It will ensure interest all year round, not only visually but also through scent and touch.

Project management

We manage the whole process from start to finish ensuring the smooth running of the project. We recognise the importance and the trust you have shown in us, so we make a point of discussing what we are doing at all stages so you can get a feel of what’s involved and the work we have planned for each day in order to measure our achievement.

After care advice

If you buy your plants from us you will automatically get a free tailor made plant maintenance guide detailing not only your new plants but any existing plants that we have re-used to make the up keep of your garden as simple as possible for you.